Blood Red Skies – Kawanishi N1K-1 ‘Shiden’ Ace: Kaneyoshi Muto

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Contains one Warlord Resin N1K2 Shiden-kai ‘George’ plane and game aids. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Kaneyoshi Muto scored his first aerial victory in China in December 1937 and became an Ace by the end of the following year. At the opening of the Second World War Muto fought across the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, the Java Sea and New Guinea. He flew alongside Saburo Sakai at Iwo Jima, who called him ‘the toughest fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy’. In December 1944 Muto was sent to the Japanese Home islands to defend them against B29 Superfortress attacks, flying the powerful N1K-J Shiden. He finally fell in combat in July 1945 with between 28 and 35 victories including four B29s.

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