Sails of Glory – Sails Of Glory – Damage Counter Bags (Set of 5 different bags)


An accessory for the dedicated Sails of Glory® fan! This set includes 5 drawing bags, in high-quality cotton, to keep the damage counters sorted and at hand during your naval battles. Each bag is stamped with the letter and color of a specific set of counters.
The damage counters included in the Sails of Glory Starter Set are divided into five different groups, each one indicated by a specific letter and color. “A” and “B” counters are used for normal shot, while the “C”, “D”, “E” counters represent the different effects of chained balls, grapeshot, and musketry.
The damage counter bags provide the perfect way to separate these counters and handle them smoothly during the game.
The Sails of Glory® Damage Counter Bags are an accessory designed to be used with the tactical ship-to-ship game system created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini.

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5 Drawing Bags

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