About Us

Rival Sky Games trades and collects high quality historical and aviation tabletop games, miniatures and accessories.

The approach is simple, by dedicating our attention to a small range of product lines, we can provide a higher level of customer service from our deep understanding of the games. We are also able to dedicate more storage space to each line, making it much easier to keep items in stock and available for immediate purchase. Back orders are a last resort.

Rival Sky Games is owned by Evan from Melbourne, Australia. A gamer himself, Evan understands the attention to detail required when investing our hard earned into our hobbies. Evan prides himself on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing good communication and if needed, replacements and refunds. If items do go missing in the mail, your investment is protected. Evan has maintained a 100% feedback rating on his ebay stores (vladimirpetlyakov/rivalskygames) since he first began trading in 2012. The most valuable asset in a successful e-commerce business is trust and trust, is built on good communication and follow through.

The Rival Sky Games team also includes our packaging assistant Chris, a fellow gamer and collector of miniatures. The website is developed, designed and maintained by Dom Greene of ‘Smart Italics’, who is slowly being convinced to try a game of Imperial Assault.

The long term vision of Rival Sky Games is to reinvest all surplus from sales into Kickstarting our own boardgames that solve problems in the mechanics of aerial dogfighting games. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay in the know on these and be the first in line to participate in game testing, artwork reviewing and once everything is ready to launch, early bird rewards/discounts!

Thank you to everyone for your support and continued patronage.
– Evan and the Rival Sky team.

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