BGRADE – Wings of Glory – Nieuport 16 (Navarre)


This B-GRADE condition item is unbroken, unplayed, cards sealed. Cosmetic damage may exist on the box. In most cases the item is sealed, however in some cases I can tell the mini has been removed from its packaging by its original owner to admire it, and carefully returned. Priced at my cost plus small markup to cover time and fee’s. Typically this stock exists from collections I’ve bought that were not completely as described, from local players of the game who I’m assisting, from stock that has been left on a board game store shelf for years, or new items that have box damage from rough shipping.

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Jean Navarre, the Sentinel of Verdun, the first French pilot to shoot down two enemy aircrafts in a day and the first to be officially declared an ace. He was made a Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur for his secret special missions and his aerial victories.

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