Blood Red Skies – Hawker Typhoon Ace: John Baldwin

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Contains one Warlord Resin Hawker Typhoon aircraft plus game accessories. The model can be assembled with either bomb or rocket armaments.

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John Baldwin first served as ground crew in France and then in bomb disposal during the Blitz. He volunteered for air crew in 1941 and qualified as a pilot a year later. Baldwin first flew Hawker Typhoons with No.609 squadron and claimed his first victories in January 1943, bringing down three enemy aircraft in one interception. More victories followed and by November 1943 Baldwin was commanding his own squadron, No.198. Baldwin was the most successful pilot in a Typhoon with fifteen aerial victories plus a half share in another. He went on to fly F86 Sabres in the Korean War and was listed as missing in action in March 1952.

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