Blood Red Skies – Macchi C.200 Saetta Squadron

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6 x Warlord Resin Macchi C.200 Saetta aircraft
6 x Advantage Flying Bases
1 x Punchboard with Game Tokens
1 x Aircraft Card (Macchi C.200 Saetta)
1 x Doctrine Card (Aggressive Tactics)
7 x Aircraft Trait Cards
(6 x Tight Turn,1 x Poor Quality)
1 x Waterslide Aircraft Markings Sheet
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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The Macchi C.200 Saetta (Arrow) was the Regia Aeronautica’s hardest working front line fighter. The Saetta represented a considerable step forward for the Italian air force. Production problems and conflicting demands on manufacturers limited overall production of the C.200 to a total of 1,151 aircraft built.

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