Blood Red Skies – SM.79 Sparviero Ace: Carlo Emanuele Buscaglia

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Contains one Warlord Resin PlusTM SM.79 Sparviero aircraft plus game accessories.
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Carlo Emanuele Buscaglia was initially flying the SM.81 before being upgraded to the more modern SM.79. Shortly after his first combat mission in June 1940, Buscaglia volunteered for the new Reparto Speciale Aerosiluranti (Special Torpedo-Bomber Detachment) in Libya, becoming one of their most successful pilots.
In April 1942, Buscaglia was promoted, but in November he was shot down and believed killed. Buscaglia survived and was taken prisoner. After the armistice he joined the Allies’ Co-belligerent Air Force, commanding a bomber wing, only to lose his life while attempting to fly an unfamiliar aircraft.

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