Sails of Glory – HMS Polyphemus 1782 / HMS America 1777


Ardent, Intrepid and Inflexible are classes of 3rd rate ships of the line, armed with 64 cannons and with a designed crew of around 500.

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The IntrepidÐclass ships were designed for the Royal Navy by Sir John Williams. These ships were armed with 26 24ÐPounder guns in the gundeck, 26 18ÐPounder guns in the upperdeck, 10 4ÐPounder guns in the quarterdeck, and 2 9ÐPounder guns in the forecastle.
HMS Polyphemus was laid down at Sheerness in 1782 and commissioned in 1799 under the command of Captain G. Lumsdaine. She sailed in the North Sea Fleet on the Baltic Sea until 1802. In 1805, Capt. Robert Redmill commanded her in the Battle of Trafalgar, where she engaged the French ships Neptune and Achille and captured the Spanish ship Argonauta. She was later in service along the French coast and in the Americas.
This ship pack can also be used to represent the British Intrepid class ship of the line ÒHMS America 1777Ó.

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