Sails of Glory – San Juan Nepomuceno 1766 / San Francisco de Asis 1767


The Nepomuceno Class of the Spanish Navy included ships of the line with 74 cannons and a designed crew of about 530. They were armed with 28 24ÐPounder guns in the lower deck, 30 18ÐPounder guns in the upperdeck, 8 12ÐPounder guns in the quarterdeck, and 8 8ÐPounder guns in the forecastle.

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The San Juan Nepomuceno was a Spanish ship of the line built in 1765 in Guarnizo in Cantabria, on design of Francisco Gautier, along with other similar ships. She was used for many years for many different missions, many of them in the Caribbean. In 1793 she fought against Revolutionary France, especially in the occupation of Toulon. In the Battle of Trafalgar, she achieved glory under commander Don Cosme Damian Churruca and provided an incredible example of Spanish heroism, fighting British ships after the loss of over 400 officers and crewmen. Ultimately, she was captured and renamed by the Royal Navy.
This ship pack can also be used to represent the Spanish Nepomuceno class ÒSan Francisco de Asis 1767.Ó

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