Wings of Glory – Caquot M/ Ae 800 Drachen (Brown)


The Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachen Special Pack is the perfect addition to the WW1 Wings of Glory game line! This pack brings the excitement of the “Knights of the Air” era to your tabletop, allowing you to experience the thrill of commanding your own observation balloon in the midst of the battles of World War I.

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As the guardians of the skies, observation balloons played a critical role in the struggle for aerial and ground supremacy during the First World War. With their ability to support troops, gather intelligence, and assist with artillery fire, these massive Drachens were heavily defended by anti-aircraft guns, groups of machine guns, and patrolling fighter aircraft. But the brave balloon busters, equipped with special weapons like Le Prieur rockets, were up for the challenge of taking them down. Now, you can recreate these intense and thrilling battles with the Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachen Special Pack. This pack features a beautifully pre-painted model, scenarios, ground units, new rules, new abilities, and even a decal sheet for customization. You can play a variety of missions, including defending your balloon from enemy attacks or attempting to take down an enemy balloon yourself

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