Axis & Allies Angels 20 – Starter Set


Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures is a fast, action-packed game of World War II air combat. You take the stick of one or more of history’s most famous warplanes, taking on your opponent in wild dogfights. Victory goes to the player who gets the most out of his or her plane… or sometimes, the player who lands the lucky shot.

Flight stand included for each plane purchased.

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Starter Contents:
– 6 prepainted miniature planes
– all 31 stat cards for this set
– 2 battle map sections
– Rulebook
– counter sheet
– 4 six-sided dice

Included Scenarios:
– Battle of Britain: Intercept the Interceptors
– Battle of Britain: Limited Fuel
– Battle of Britian: Schnellbomber
– Standard Scenario (for any aicraft)
– Bomber Escort Scenario

Design Notes:
– a game turn approximates 10-15 seconds
– a hex is roughly 500 yards across
– six levels of altitude represented
– abstracted speed of 100 mph for range 1-2 and non linear steps for range 3-5
– scale approximately 15mm-20mm

This is a game of aerial combat with WWII aircraft of various nations fought on a hexagonal map. Players take turns determining initiative, moving their aircraft, and attacking opponents. Victory is determined player elimination or victory point total comparisons. Optional rules allow for clouds, flak fields, barrage balloons, and even night combat.

The game also comes with a conversion appendix allowing the aircraft to be used with the Axis & Allies Miniatures Land Game.

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Dimensions34 × 23 × 5 cm