Blood Red Skies – Airfix Presents Blood Red Skies


A Tactical Level Air Combat Tabletop Game for Two or More Players. Written by Andy Chambers, ‘Blood Red Skies’ is a tabletop miniatures game where you take command of a force of fighter aircraft in battle. The emphasis in ‘Blood Red Skies’ is on action and the game is fast-paced, with no pre-plotting or book-keeping required. A game of Blood Red Skies with two planes per side can be fought in twenty minutes or less. The Airfix Presents ‘Blood Red Skies’ box set comes complete with everything you need to get playing the game, and four aircraft: two Supermarine SpitfireMk IIs and two Messerschmitt Bf109-Es in 1:72 scale.
Schemes and decals may vary from those illustrated on pack fronts.

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1 x Blood Red Skies Rulebook 
2 x Supermarine Spitfire MkII Fighter 1:72 Scale Model Kits
2 x Messerschmitt Bf109-E Fighter 1:72 Scale Model Kits
4 x BRS Advantage Flying Bases
2 x Reference Aircraft Cards
8 x Combat Dice
6 x Pilot Skill Level Discs
6 x Boom Chit Tokens
6 x Zoom Tokens
3 x Cloud /Air Defence Clusters
1 x Navigation Caliper
1 x Range Finder
2 x Movement Templates

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