Blood Red Skies – F4U Corsair Ace: ‘Pappy’ Boyington

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Contains one Warlord Resin F4U Corsair plane and game aids. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Gregory Boyington first flew in combat as part of the American Volunteer Group, the ‘Flying Tigers’, in China before America’s entry into WW2. In 1943 Boyington rejoined the US Marine Corps and began flying combat missions, taking command of Marine fighter squadron VMF-214 (Black Sheep) in September of that year. As the oldest pilot in the squadron 31 year old Boyington was dubbed ‘Pappy’ by his men. Pappy prosecuted a ferocious air war against Japan in the South Pacific, challenging his opponents on an almost daily basis. Boyington was shot down and captured in January of 1944, but he survived the war with 26 confirmed victories and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour and the Navy cross.

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