Blood Red Skies – Pe-2 Ukrainian Ace: Mariya Dolina

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1 x Warlord Resin Pe2 aircraft
1 x Advantage flying base
1 x Double-sided Pilot Skill disc set
1 x Aircraft card
2 x Ace Skill card
1 x Mariya Dolina Ace Card
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Ukrainian Hero of the Soviet Union Mariya Ivanovna Dolina (Марія Іванівна Доліна) enlisted as a volunteer in the 269th Fighter Regiment in 1941 and flew 200 combat special missions in an antiquated U-2 training aircraft carrying orders, mail and medical supplies for the hard-pressed Southern Front. In 1942 she graduated to flying the fast Pe-2 twin engine bomber with the 587th Dive Bomber Regiment and her first combat mission was fought above Stalingrad. Promoted to Guard Captain, she became deputy squadron leader of the 125th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment M. Raskova, leading her comrades in 72 successful bombing operations over the Northern Caucasus, the Kuban, Crimea, Kursk, Belarus and the Baltic. Ivanovna survived the war and continued to serve in the Soviet Air Force into the 1970s.

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