Blood Red Skies – Ju-88C Ace: Walter Borchers

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1 x Warlord Resin JU88C aircraft
1 x Advantage flying base
1 x Double-sided Pilot disc set
1 x Aircraft Card
1 x Aircraft Trait Card
2 x Ace Skill Card
1 x Walter Borchers Ace Card
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Walter Borchers flew Me110s with ZG 76 in the early phases of the war, scoring 10 victories in the aerial battles over France and Britain in 1940. Borchers’ unit was made into a night-fighter squadron incorporating Ju 88C heavy fighters for the Defence of the Reich late in 1941, although Borchers didn’t score his first nocturnal victory until March 1943. His tally rose swiftly after that, including several American four-engine heavy bombers. Borchers’ victories rose to 46 in total by March 1945. Shortly after claiming his 46th enemy near Altenburg he was shot down and killed by an RAF Mosquito night-fighter.

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