Sails of Glory – Artesien 1765 / Roland 1771


The ArtŽsien class included five French 3rd rate ships of the line, built at Brest to a design of Joseph-Louis Ollivier. They were armed with 64 cannons and had a designed crew of 570-580 men. They were armed with 26 24ÐPounder guns in the lower deck, 28 12ÐPounder guns in the upperdeck, and 10 6ÐPounder guns in the quarterdeck and the forecastle.

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The ArtŽsien was built in 1765 as part of a series of 12 ships of the line built to compensate losses endured by the French Royal Navy during the Seven Years’ War. The ArtŽsien took part in the American Revolutionary War, departing in 1781. A fine 1/28th scale model of the ship was used to instruct Louis XVI in naval studies and is now on display at the MusŽe de la Marine.
This ship pack can also be used to represent the French ArtŽsien Class ship-of-the-line ÒRoland 1771.Ó

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