Sails of Glory – Principe de Asturias 1794 / San Hermenegildo 1789


The ÒMeregildosÓ were Spanish 1st-rate ships of the line, armed with 112 cannons and with a designed crew of about 1100. They were armed with 30 36ÐPounder guns in the lower deck, 32 24ÐPounder guns in the middle deck, 32 12ÐPounder guns in the upperdeck, and 18 8ÐPounder guns in the quarterdeck and the forecastle.

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The Pr’ncipe de Asturias was another of the Spanish threeÐdeck 112Ðgun ship of the line, based on the Santa Ana design by Romero Landa. She fought with a British squadron on 14 February 1797 in the Battle of Cape St Vincent, with 10 killed and 19 wounded. At Trafalgar, the ship suffered 50 killed and 110 wounded. After the battle, she had to be towed by the French frigate ThŽmis and undergo major repairs in Cadiz. She returned to fight in the Peninsular War, capturing many French ships. She crossed the Atlantic to Havana with Santa Ana to avoid capture by the French. In 1814 she struck a rock and was scrapped three years later.
This ship pack can also be used to represent the Spanish Meregildos class ÒSan Hermenegildo 1789.Ó

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