Sails of Glory – HMS Agamemnon 1781 / HMS Raisonnable 1768


Ardent, Intrepid and Inflexible are classes of 3rd rate ships of the line, armed with 64 cannons and with a designed crew of around 500.

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The Ardent class ships were designed for the Royal Navy by Sir Thomas Slade using as a reference the French ship Fougueux. These ships were armed with 26 24ÐPounder guns in the lower deck, 26 18ÐPounder guns in the upperdeck, 10 9ÐPounder guns in the quarterdeck, 2 9ÐPounder guns in the forecastle.
HMS Agamemnon sailed and fought in the American Revolutionary, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, taking part in the major naval battles of those conflicts. Lord Nelson served as captain on this ship during her service in the Mediterranean Sea. She was frequently in need of repair and refitting, but she fought at the Battle of Trafalgar forcing the surrender of the Spanish Sant’sima Trinidad. This ship ended her career in South America, wrecking on the shoal of Rio de la Plata.
This ship pack can also be used to represent the British Ardent class ship of the line ÒHMS Raisonnable 1768Ó.

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